Innovative, Modern Cabinets

Acadia Craft is the leader in Euro-style modern cabinetry. Our sophisticated, sleek cabinets are sure to bring your dream kitchen to life. We blend state-of-the-art technology with superior craftsmanship and unparalleled precision to create high-quality products that stand the test of time.

Why Acadia Craft?

Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, or designer, you’ll find that our elegant cabinets create a breathtaking space that evokes positive emotions and encourages lasting memories.

A Modern Focus

Our European style cabinets offer a modern look that emphasizes clean lines and a frameless construction. In addition to simplicity and elegance, they allow for maximum storage.

Locally Manufactured

We design, manufacturer, and deliver cabinets in the Greater Seattle area. So you can expect an incredibly local, personalized experience that’s atypical of a large company with multiple locations.

Utmost Quality

No matter which style, hardware, finish, or color you choose for your cabinets, they’ll radiate with quality. We are confident they’ll become a true showstopper in your kitchen.


Since we work closely with general contractors, interior designers, homeowners, and builders and keep them informed throughout every step in the process, you can ensure your vision of a luxury kitchen turns into a reality.


Our Guarantee of Excellence can assure you that our modern cabinets exceed your every expectation. We strive to provide you with a custom creation that you can enjoy for years to come.

Exceptional Service

From initial contact to final inspection, our young, ambitious team will go above and beyond to provide you with an experience you’ll never forget.

Featured Projects

Browse through some of our past kitchen and bathroom projects to see the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail Acadia provides.

The Acadia Craft Process

We understand choosing a cabinet manufacturer is an important part of your remodel. We want to make sure the process of making your dream space is an enjoyable one.

You fill out a short form on our website and let us know you’re interested in our modern cabinets. The form will allow you to explain your unique project and vision.

Once we know all the details of your project, we’ll come up with an accurate estimate. We may reach out and ask you to share your design inspiration and ideas so we can gain a better understanding of exactly what you’re looking for.

If you decide to move forward with your project and pay a deposit (if you’re a homeowner), we’ll come to your space to take field measurements that will allow for proper planning.

It’ll be time to connect with your contractor (if you have one) and design your cabinets. After your design has been finalized and you’re more than satisfied, you’ll sign your contract and cover your deposit or pay in full depending on what your project entails.

The production stage is where we bring your dream cabinets to life. While the scope of your project will dictate how long production will take, 4 to 6 week is the norm.

Now comes the best part…the delivery of your breathtaking cabinets. We’ll require final payment upon delivery if you’re a homeowner. You’ll opt for a 30-day payment term if you’re a builder or different type of customer.

We’ll collaborate directly with the contractor to schedule your install. Once the contractor arrives at your home, they’ll prepare the new space for cabinetry. If your project involves a remodel, you can expect them to remove your old cabinetry.

Then, our professional install team will look for an uneven area that needs to be shimmed or scribed so that installation can be performed plumb, true, and square. This is because our modern European style frameless cabinets require extreme precision that allows for a flawless install with even, tight reveals.

The standard install process follows a mounting base and we use wall studs to ensure stability and safety to work on the upper cabinets. We navigate around plumbing and electrical to create a clean install.

Start designing your dream space with Acadia

I've used ACADIA for multiple home improvement projects. Started with remodeling our Kitchen and enjoyed the ease of working with the company's staff from first contact with Andrei , through the design process, and then project completion. Work was of top quality. We returned to work with Acadia for cabinets involving both bathrooms. We plan to work with Andrey for our future fire place cabinetry project. after checking out the market and getting other estimates I would recommend them even without reservation to others.


For a living I work as a property manager and recently needed some design specs for a custom kitchen remodel on a rental. One of the company owners named Andre was incredibly helpful. I just showed him my kitchen he took all the dimensions and within 2 days he had created an impressive 3D model of the entire kitchen with all the new cabinets. The layout had all the info I could have asked for and included prices on everything. I will definitely be consulting them again for my next remodel.


Outstanding work on our kitchen and bathroom! Highly recommended! All my friends are always commenting about how trendy our kitchen and bathroom looks. Not only are the cabinets beautifully crafted, the build quality is much better than anywhere else.Everyone we worked with answered all our questions quickly and they even made suggestions that we hadn’t considered. Love every detail and will just say you will too!! We will be doing the cabinets on our boat with them.


We used Acadia Craft for our brand new house. At the beginning I was nervous but I felt confident about the quality (cabinet&hinges) after I saw their projects. I wanted a high end modern European style kitchen with elegant sleek cabinets and now could tell came out what I expected. We got lots of compliments from our visitors specially for our retractable system hinges in tall cabinets which made that area not only good looking but also very practical.highly recommend to everyone!