Whether you are interested in building a brand new kitchen, or trading in your old cabinets for a more modern look, Acadia Craft is here to help you with any and all renovation decisions. We are a highly-rated Kirkland Cabinet Company dedicated to making your dream kitchen become a reality. If you want to renew the appearance of your kitchen for friends visiting your home, our expert services have you covered. You can enhance the appearance of your kitchen, and also enjoy modern functional cabinets that make your life easier. We guarantee excellent results and outstanding customer service from start to finish. When you work with Acadia Craft for your new European cabinets, your kitchen will radiate with modern elegance in your Kirkland home. 

Kirkland European Cabinet Company

Our innovative and experienced team will guide you through the entire process of your kitchen remodel so that you can improve the design of your home and increase its value. No matter what your vision is, Acadia Craft is a vital resource to this process. We will help you enjoy a modern European appearance in your home while still providing you with functional cabinetry that makes time in the kitchen more enjoyable and efficient.

Modern Cabinet Manufacturer In Kirkland

We are a top rated modern cabinet manufacturer in Kirkland, and have worked with many satisfied clients over the years. All our customers appreciate the high quality and attentive service they receive from us. Modern kitchen cabinets are our most frequently requested design and have become our signature look. You can count on us to surpass your expectations and deliver beautiful cabinets that should bring a smile to your face whenever you use your Kirkland kitchen.

Kirkland Modern Cabinet Maker

Your kitchen is no longer just a space for cooking and dining. It is the center of all activity and events in your home, and you cannot overlook the importance of its design. Our custom modern cabinets will revitalize your kitchen into a useful and attractive space that you enjoy spending time in. Our expert team works with clients on a one on one basis to assess their tastes and preferences. Our creative and hardworking professionals will help you come up with the perfect design plan. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service and high-quality modern cabinets to make your Kirkland kitchen as appealing as possible.

Why choose us?

Acadia Craft stands out from other cabinet manufacturers in Kirkland because of the following reasons:



We do our best, but we never claim to do it all. We focus on what our specialty is, and that is modern cabinets in the Kirkland area. Our team understands what clients want and have the skill to come up with designs that you and your family will surely love.

Individualized, dependable service

Your Kirkland kitchen should reflect your style and taste preferences. We understand your desire to have custom modern European cabinets that you are proud of, and that is where we come in. We are committed to understanding you and your needs and come up with an individualized plan that brings your kitchen dreams to reality.

Exceptional materials

We believe that the best cabinets need to be manufactured using the best materials to last long, and that is what we are all about. Rest assured, our materials stand the test of time.


Our years in the industry back us up to do the best job possible. Since we started our company, we have worked with many clients and have learned one or two things about modern cabinets. Our reviews from the customers we have worked with speak for themselves.

Let us transform the look of your kitchen.

If you are interested in modern cabinets to transform your kitchen, contact us today, and let us begin this fantastic journey together. We can give you free estimates to provide you with an idea of what we are all about.