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Acadia Craft is excited to announce that we’ve secured early access to Blum USA’s innovative REVEGO Uno and Duo systems—specialized pocket door solutions specifically designed for cabinets and interior storage. As the only vendor in Washington State offering these state-of-the-art cabinet pocket door systems, we’re thrilled to soon showcase them in our Kirkland, WA, and Roseville, CA showrooms.
Note: These REVEGO systems are not to be confused with traditional pocket door systems used for room entrances.
Read on to discover how our special access to these cutting-edge products can redefine your home’s organization and aesthetic.

Blum USA

Blum USA is a leading manufacturer of cabinet hardware, hinges, lift systems, pull-out and pocket systems, and more. The brand is renowned for these innovative fitting solutions that seamlessly combine ergonomic design, integrated motion technology, and pocket construction. Blum’s cabinet systems and furniture fitting have helped homeowners revolutionize how they store and organize their personal belongings and conceal furniture and appliances to achieve a better quality of living.

Revego Pocket Doors

We are proud to exclusively offer one of Blum’s most impressive product lines, the REVEGO Duo and Uno Pocket Doors. The REVEGO pocket door systems are designed to help create multifunctional living spaces by allowing the homeowner to open or close off an area depending on when they want to use it.

For example, with these systems, one can conceal their home office in order to have a more full-functioning spare bedroom, hide cluttered hallway closets to keep their home tidy and organized, and even tuck away their kitchen or bar when not using it for entertaining. These pocket doors are perfect for homeowners who desire a dynamic home layout that they can easily modify to meet their specific needs. Not to mention that REVEGO’s sleek and stylish ergonomic design delivers unparalleled convenience, comfort, and luxury.

Versatile in Their Application



If organization is important to you, you’ll want to consider a REVEGO pocket door system for your hallway or bedroom closets. Big bulky items will be seamlessly concealed for your peace of mind.

Home Bars

You can use your REVEGO pocket door system to open your home bar when it comes time to entertain and tuck it away at the end of a fun night.


With pocket doors, you can increase the organization of your kitchen while having the ability to hide clutter, appliances, and furniture when guests are over.

Living Rooms

You can use the REVEGO Duo or Uno to conceal anything from bookshelves, built-in entertainment centers, sound systems, or living room furniture.

Office Spaces

Tuck away books, computers, supplies, and learning materials with your REVEGO pocket system. Excellent for homeowners who need multi-use spaces.


Your bedroom is where you go to rest after a long day. With pocket doors, you can hide books, clothes, shoes, bags, and other personal items in order to create a more minimalist, serene space.

Features of the Revego Duo and Uno Pocket Door Systems

Integrated Pocket Construction

REVEGO Duo and Uno are designed with integrated pocket construction and flawlessly slide into place. This construction makes them easy to use and ensures they take up minimal space in your home.

Ready to Install

All REVEGO pocket door systems are pre-assembled and ready to install. This means you won’t have to worry about putting any pieces together or messing anything up.

Simple Setup

Both REVEGO Duo and Uno are simple to set up and install. All you need to do is stand them up, align and mount pre-assembled pockets, install fronts and track, and make any necessary adjustments.

Open to the Touch

Revego pocket doors completely conceal whatever is inside the unit. All you need to do when you want to open or close up the space is give the doors a light touch.

Contact Acadia Craft For Your Revego Pocket Door System

We couldn’t be more excited to exclusively offer the new REVEGO Uno and Duo systems by Blum USA. We encourage you to contact our team to learn more about these innovative pocket door systems and how you can utilize them throughout your home!