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When people think of cabinets, kitchen or bathroom cabinets often come to mind. However – it’s 2023 – cabinetry isn’t just for storing plates, dishes, or towels anymore! Modern European cabinetry can be used to elevate any room in your home, increasing functionality and adding to its luxury appeal. As a local cabinet manufacturer in the Woodinville area, Acadia Craft has compiled a guidebook on all the ways you can utilize European cabinets to transform your entire home. Keep reading to get some much-needed inspiration for your space – because luxury living starts with cabinets!

Home Bars

First and foremost: the bar area. A luxurious bar area is only complete with modern European cabinets. You can use half-glass cabinets, open shelving, or pin systems to showcase collector’s items, alcohol, favorite glassware, or even house a wine fridge. Modern European cabinets are the best way to ensure your home bar area is functional as well as luxurious.

Quick Tip!

Make your home bar cabinets the same material, color, and style as your kitchen cabinets for a unified, seamless look.

Laundry Room

If organization is a priority for you, you’ll want to consider Modern European cabinets for your laundry or mud room. Even though this room is one of the ‌least frequented ‌in your home and is probably at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to aesthetics, modern European cabinets can help improve your space’s organization and cleanliness. Clothes, cleaning supplies, and miscellaneous household items can make your room look and feel anything but luxurious. With European cabinets, you can expertly hide or store unsightly things such as laundry detergent, tools, mops, brooms, shoes, and even pet items. Consider installing tall cabinets for hanging laundry, large cleaning tools, or even “cubbies” for your kid’s backpacks.

Living Room

Your living room is one of the most used rooms in your home. It is where your family spends time together, where you entertain guests, where you watch tv and maybe even eat meals. You are missing out if you are not maximizing your space with custom cabinetry! Modern European Cabinets can be used for anything from a bookshelf, a built-in entertainment center, or to house plants and display art. You can even try out under-the-couch pull-out drawers! Your options are vast, and any ‌avenue you choose will eliminate mess and increase your space’s luxury appeal.

Play Room

Maybe you want to keep your home looking luxurious and high-end, but your play room is standing in the way of that. After all, with kids comes clutter, clutter, and more clutter! Luckily, with Europen cabinetry, you can take back control of your kid’s playroom and the aesthetic of your home. You can create a customized built-in cabinet structure to house everything from books, toys, clothes, homework, color supplies, learning materials, and more. Then use open shelving or open space to display luxury looking decor pieces or toys that you actually want guests to see. Not only will new cabinetry tone down the clutter, but allow you to feel comfortable and confident in showing off the space.


Your primary bedroom is not just another room in your home. It is a safe haven to unwind after a long day at work, watch tv, and get a good night’s rest. With modern European cabinets, you can house books, clothes, shoes, bags, bedding, and other personal items beautifully. Instead of under the bed trays, plastic bins, or cluttered armoires, you can have a sophisticated cabinet structure that matches your room’s design and various furniture pieces.


Luxury living is not complete without a custom walk-in closet. If you have excess purses, bags, shoes, clothes, and other personal pieces, European cabinets for your closet may be the perfect solution. With custom built-in cabinets, you can increase the organization of your space while mirroring a luxurious shopping experience every time you enter your closet. You can build your own personalized organization system, including deep pull-out drawers for jeans and sweaters, tall cabinets for long dresses and coats, and open shelving or floating shelves to display bags and purses. This will make getting ready in the morning much easier and allow you to showcase your beautiful collection of items.

Quick Tip!

Recess lighting can be added above your new cabinets below to bring a touch of luxury and convenience.

Home Office Space

As working from home continues to increase in popularity, having a comfortable and functional office space is more important than ever. Not only does using things such as cheap shelving units, and fold-up storage racks chip away at the luxury feel of your space but do not do much for you in terms of organization. Instead, consider European style base cabinets or pull-out cabinet drawer trays to store files, documents, computer devices, and other personal items. This will give you easy access to what you need during the day, minimize clutter, and beautify your office space. Learn more about drawer organization ideas for your home office here.

Woodinville European Cabinet Company

As a local Woodinville cabinet company, we couldn’t be more excited to help outfit your home with new custom European cabinets. We encourage you to contact our team to learn more about how you can utilize our European cabinets throughout your home. Whether you are interested in closet storage solutions or new bar cabinets, we can design and manufacture top-quality cabinets that exceed your expectations. For more information about modern European cabinetry trends for your home, check out this article. We can’t wait to work with you!