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Are you in the market to create your dream kitchen? If so, you may wonder what type of cabinets to invest in. In this blog post, we’ll explain why custom European cabinets are the best choice and all the ways you can utilize them to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Why Use Custom European Cabinets For Your New Kitchen

New cabinetry is a great place to start if you want to remodel and upgrade your kitchen. However, we’re not just talking about any kind of cabinetry; we’re talking about cutting-edge, custom European Style cabinets. Consistently distinguished by clean lines, a modern design, sleek hardware, a frameless appearance, and innovative storage options, European-style cabinets are truly a cut above the rest.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also built to maximize space and offer unique solutions to common storage issues. With this style of cabinetry, homeowners can achieve the modern, seamless look they’ve always wanted while vastly improving their kitchen’s functionality.

Keep reading to learn more about how custom European Cabinets are the key to creating the kitchen you’ve always dreamed about!

Keep Your Counters Clear

If one of the biggest things that troubled you about your old kitchen was constant clutter and clunky appliances hiding your beautiful countertops, we have good news. You can finally end this dilemma and keep your counters clear with custom European cabinets! In addition to their frameless design that offers maximum depth and storage capacity, they boast many innovative storage options that allow you to keep items neatly tucked away.

For example, small appliances such as toaster ovens, coffee machines, and microwaves can be stored inside cabinets, allowing for a cohesive and decluttered appearance (out of sight, out of mind!). You can also implement things like a corner cabinet for a spice rack, pull-out drawers for easy access to daily goods, and custom-designed tall cabinets for pantry items.

Implementing modern European-style cabinets allows you to maintain a cohesive appearance, as all your cabinetry will look the same, and various kitchen items will not break up the design.

Innovative Storage Solutions

The innovative storage solutions custom European cabinets offer can help homeowners gain more storage space than ever before. Pull-out doors, adjustable shelving, customizable drawer inserts, and even pull-down trays are a few cutting-edge designs commonly seen with Modern European cabinets. But the options don’t end there. You can utilize creative wall-mounted systems, trays with soft stop technology, open shelving, and more. These storage solutions can help you take your kitchen to the next level and add comfort and convenience to your everyday life.

Utilize Storage For Decor

In addition to custom European cabinets being a design statement on their own, you can also use them to showcase decor or kitchenware. Systems such as floating shelves, open shelving, and various wall cabinets can beautifully display anything from plants and flowers to glasses and books. This allows you to remain organized and your kitchen to remain cohesive while showing off some personal pieces that make your space true to you.

Transform Your Kitchen Island

Typically, a kitchen island is where people spend the majority of their time cooking, prepping, and hanging out. While you might have a large countertop that is highly utilized, the space underneath often goes wasted. One great thing about custom European cabinets is that they can be incorporated into your kitchen island as pull-out drawers to house commonly used items. Think about cooking on your kitchen island and how convenient it would be simply to pull out a drawer to access anything from your garbage bin to baking trays.

Customized Solutions and Designs

Your unique needs are never the same as anyone else’s. The same goes for the layout and design of your kitchen. Your needs and wants will differ based on your family size, kitchen space, interests, and lifestyle.

For example, you might need more cabinet space and organization in your pantry if you have small children versus someone living alone.

For people who love to cook, you can consider utilizing spice racks, knife drawer blocks, cutlery inserts, pull-out cabinet drawers, and pull-down wall cabinets. These custom solutions will make cooking and storing your supplies so much easier. If you are a family that loves entertaining, a custom bar area with a wine rack might interest you.

If you are into a minimalist design aesthetic, you can implement additional storage for appliances and cleaning supplies, such as an appliance garage or base pullout cabinets. Whatever your lifestyle and functionality needs are, you can achieve custom solutions with European-style cabinets.

Maximize Small Spaces

You may be in the market for a kitchen upgrade but overwhelmed simultaneously because you don’t know how to make the most out of your small kitchen. However, you don’t have to worry because European-style cabinets are specifically designed to help maximize your kitchen’s square footage.

Their sleek and frameless design allows them to fit in awkward spaces that would typically otherwise go unused. For example, you can add shelving systems on the inside of your wall cabinet doors, install an organizational system between two appliances, or insert a lazy suzan into a blind corner. With these types of cabinets, everything has a designated place, and you have less of a chance of items piling up onto your countertops, shrinking the size of your kitchen even further.

With custom European cabinets, having restricted space in your kitchen doesn’t have to be negative- you can use them to your benefit!

Custom European Cabinets With Acadia Craft

Acadia Craft is a leader in the custom European cabinet industry. We design and produce locally made, modern cabinets for homeowners, builders, and designers alike. We invite you to reach out to our team of artisans to learn more about our European cabinetry options for your dream kitchen. Contact Us Today!